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There is much to know about enamel erosion. The most important thing to remember is why you need to think about it. Your oral health depends on treating any enamel erosion that comes your way and to do that, you need to visit your dentist.

Our dentist, Dr. Frederick Prehn, is happy to check your teeth for any erosion. To help you learn more about it, our team at Prehn Dental Offices in Wausau, Wisconsin, is eager to share with you some basics on the subject.

Here are some basics on enamel erosion:

– The lack of saliva is dangerous to your oral health because bacteria that is left in your mouth can eat away at your tooth enamel.
– Acid reflux disease can cause enamel erosion because of the acids in the throat that can damage your enamel.
– Sugars are a threat to your oral health causing your teeth to rot and decay over time.
– Brushing and flossing daily helps reduce enamel erosion and protect your oral health.
– Your diet plays a key role in enamel erosion because of the food selections that could put your teeth in jeopardy making it vital to think about your diet in order to protect your teeth.
– Sugar-free gum can help increase saliva production to help your tooth enamel stay healthy long-term.

As you can see, enamel erosion is a threat to your oral health. Luckily it can be treated. If you have questions about your oral health or need to see an oral health care professional, please call us today at 715-842-1270 to make an appointment. Our friendly and professional dental team is eager to help you.