At Prehn Dental Offices, we want to help you keep your teeth healthy and strong. If you are maintaining good oral habits at home but still suffer from tooth decay, Dr. Frederick Prehn may recommend TheraMints™. These 100% xylitol sweetened mints can help treat a variety of dental issues, and because xylitol is an all-natural sweetener, it doesn’t cause the damage you would receive from sugar mints. To learn more about how you can treat your smile with TheraMints in Wausau, Wisconsin, we invite you to contact us today and schedule an appointment with our caring and experienced dentist.

One of the major contributors to tooth decay is sugar. When you consume sugar, even in small amounts, the harmful bacteria in your mouth will grow. A common source of sugar is breath mints. Many people consume breath mints on a regular basis, but when they are sweetened with sugar, they can end up doing more harm do your mouth than good. Sugar-sweetened mints not only lead to tooth decay, but can also cause reduced saliva production, which can contribute to tooth decay. TheraMints are 100% sugar free, being sweetened with the natural sweetener Xylitol. These mints:

  • Are sugar free and thus do not promote tooth decay
  • Stimulate saliva flow to fight against harmful bacteria and other effects of dry mouth
  • Are available in tasty mint and fruit flavors

TheraMints are great for patients who have a history of tooth decay, especially for those who continue to face tooth decay even with good oral hygiene. TheraMints are also great for those who regularly consume mints or sugary drops, and who suffer from a dry mouth naturally or as a side effect to medications. TheraMints are available only through a dental distributor. If you feel that you can benefit from TheraMints, we invite you to call or visit our office today and discuss your concerns and needs with our caring dentist. We are here to help you achieve a happy, healthy smile.