Fluoride is an effective means of preventing tooth decay, and both children and adults can benefit from it. At Prehn Dental Offices, you can receive regular fluoride treatments to keep your teeth healthy and strong. You can also receive fluoride through drinking water, prescribed nutritional supplements, mouth rinses and toothpastes, and prescription at-home fluorides. During your visits, Dr. Frederick Prehn will evaluate your oral health and determine if you require any additional fluoride treatments. Fluoride can also be used to treat tooth sensitivity. For patients with sensitive teeth, our dentist offers a tooth-colored varnish that is applied to the teeth after brushing. This is an in-office treatment that you can receive after discussing your oral health with Dr. Frederick Prehn. For more information about fluoride in Wausau, Wisconsin, we invite you to call our office at 715-842-1270 and schedule a consultation today.