If regular cleanings and a non-surgical approach to your gum disease does not slow or arrest the problem, Dr. Frederick Prehn will refer you to a specialist for surgical intervention. Periodontal surgery, also known as pocket reduction, removes excess tissue around your tooth in an effort to eliminate the pockets that have formed. If you require pocket reduction in Wausau, Wisconsin, our dentist and team at Prehn Dental Offices will help you find a reliable, trustworthy specialist to restore your oral health. We invite you to contact us at 715-842-1270 with any questions you may have, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Frederick Prehn.

Over time, periodontal disease will infect your teeth’s supporting tissue and bone. When this happens, pockets are formed around the teeth. If left untreated, these pockets will become deeper and will fill with bacteria and plaque, and cause further damage to your oral health. Eventually, the affected teeth will have to be removed if the bacteria and plaque is not removed.

Pocket reduction is a surgical procedure that is used to reduce your pocket size when at-home care and regular dental cleanings are not enough. During this procedure, our dentist will fold back the gum tissue and remove the bacteria and plaque that has built up. Once all of the bacteria and plaque is removed, our dentist will secure the gum tissue back into is proper place. If there are irregular surfaces along the damaged bone, our dentist may also smooth out the bone surface to make it more difficult for bacteria to hide and to better help the gum reattach to the bone.

Eliminating bacteria and reducing pocket size is important to minimize the damage that periodontal disease can cause. After receiving a pocket reduction, our dentist may recommend visiting our practice regularly to ensure that your gums, teeth, and bone remain as healthy as possible. By maintaining good dental hygiene at home and receiving the proper in-office treatments, you and our dentists can work together to help you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. If you have questions or concerns about pocket reduction procedures, we invite you to contact us today and visit with our caring dentists.