If you’re looking to get a whiter smile, over-the-counter treatments may not give you the results you want. Although your teeth may appear whiter at first, the effects don’t last long. At Prehn Dental Offices, you can receive in-office and at-home treatments that give you the beautiful, long-lasting results you’re looking for at a better price. With our at-home treatments, Dr. Frederick Prehn will provide you with a whitening solution and trays to wear a few hours a day for about 3 weeks. Our dentist will monitor your progress until you receive your desired results. For our in-office treatment, we use Zoom! teeth whitening. After just one 90-minute appointment, you can walk away with a whiter, more radiant smile. For more information about our various treatments for teeth whitening in Wausau, Wisconsin, we invite you to contact us today at 715-842-1270 and schedule your next appointment.